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W.I.T Psyche Minerals

Happy Wednesday!!! 

For today’s What I Thought Wednesday, I want to share with you another Indie brand that I came across; Psyche Minerals

I ordered some samples and got a few gifts as well! 

This company has alot to offer! hand blended mineral cosmetics, supplies for bath & body, cosmetics, and general crafting supplies. We’ve also started adding our abstract paintings as well. Sample at $1 full size shadows at $6 and colors of the month that are on special all month long! 

Let’s take a look at what I got! 

Mermaid Scales 

bright luminous green  


 lavender with green highlight and sparkles 

Bright & Bubbly


Hunger Games inspired sparkly bordeaux

Fairy Dust

shimmery rosy pink with green shift
Dragon Scales

bright bronze with a green shift
White Liquor

Sparkly clean white with a slight pink shift when applied wet
Heather’s Nebula

warm cranberry with subtle shimmer
Never Alone

bright satin medium blue with aqua sparkles.

darkened purple with copper and gold sparkles.
Band Together

darkened green over a black base with green sparkles
All of these shadows look amazing! They blend well and look great when applied wet!
Psyche Minerals even do custom colors!
I was looking for a burnt red for an upcoming haunted house and got this beauty!

Start your Psyche Minerals Collection now! Visit them on Etsy, Facebook and Instagram!
What other Indie brands do you love? Let me know in the comments!!

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