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Apocalyptic Beauty Treat Bag

After a crazy, insane weekend I am excited to see that I finally got my Treat Bag from Apocalyptic Beauty!!!! I am stoked to share what goodies I got with you!

The treat bag is full of some awesome goodies worth at least $25! Here is what you could have received

1. One exclusive eyeshadow: Tendrils of the Night, Cosmic Rays, Flesh Feast, Scarab Queen, Old Gods, or Repose ( $5 retail)

2. One exclusive custom glitter blend: Kowai Kawaii, Pastel Hell, Fright Night, Pumpkin Mayhem, or Pumpkin Armageddon( $4.25 retail)

3. One exclusive face product: Afrit blush/blush topper, Anguish highlighter/ blush topper, Lich highlighting powder, Mania Highlighting Powder, Undead contour powder, or Pumpkin Possession travel size liquid highlighter ($6- $6.95 retail)

4, Travel Size setting spray in either a Halloween exclusive scent( Candy Corn or Pumpkin Spice) or a November release ( Jasmine or Patchouli) or one of the current line ( Green Tea, Chamomile, Citrus Ginger, or Lavender)

5. Spooky Candy and other surprises!

This packaging is so cute! I love it!! I will be keeping the bag and use it probably for makeup! Maybe I will add a zipper or something to it so I can close it. 🙂

Makeup AND candy!? WOOHOOO!! ( 5 mins after opening the Trolli Gummies were already devoured)

Let’s get to the goods!

I receive the Candy Corn Setting Spray

I already have the Chamomile one and I love it!!! This one smells just like Candy Corn!! I love it!

Here we have Tendrils of the Night Eyeshadow and highlighting powder

Both of these colors are beautiful! I can’t wait to use them!

I got It’s Alive and Fright Night glitter blends

I have been looking at these glitter blends and I am so excited that I can get to try them!! This one is so cute with black and lime green dots with glitter and little lightning bolts!

Fright night has all the colors of Halloween including little bats!

The hardest thing is going to be what should I use first!

The last things I got was Pixie Essense Liquid Highlighter.

Pictures don’t do this justice! It’s so sparkly and mesmerizing! Normally, I don’t go for this much glitter but I…CAN’T… LOOK…AWAY!!!


Did you miss the Treat Bags for Halloween? Keep an eye out for Apocalyptic Beauty’s Goth Gift and Spooky Stocking coming Black Friday!!

Interesting in something you see? use code NIGHTSHADE for 20% off your order!

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