Chit Chat & Life

Manic Monday!

Hello Loves!

Last week was such a busy week and the next few weeks won’t change! There’s alot of new things coming to Nightshade Beauty!

First new thing is that I will be changing my site. Once this is done, I will let you all know! This is something that I have been working towards and I am so excited it’s going to happen!

Next thing is that there will be new items up in my shop! If you have been following me on social media, you probably saw that I will be launching some bath and body products. Originally these were going to be launched this week, however, this date has been pushed back to next week. Shooting for a release date of November 20th. Until then, I am still taking pre-orders over on my Facebook.

Not only am I launching new products, but I also have new Jewelry that will be up within that time. Just in time to get your Holiday shopping done!

I’m so happy that you are joining me on this journey and I will let you know of more updates coming this way!

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